« Field diary: the road to Dadaab »

27 juillet 2011

Unicef, « Field diary: the road to Dadaab », par Christopher Tidey (25.07.2011)

La situation dans la Corne de l’Afrique, frappée par la sécheresse et la famine, est de plus en plus catastrophique. Un reporter de l’Unicef nous livre son témoignage : le chemin des réfugiés somaliens vers un camp au Kenya.

« Driving the nearly 100 kilometre sand road from the Somali border to the refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya, is like an otherworldly odyssey across an arid landscape seemingly devoid of life. The four-by-four bucks and swerves to avoid the lifeless bodies of animals whose bones have been bleached a brilliant white by the merciless sun. The leafless branches of trees and shrubs are road signs telling me that I have come to the land of drought and death.
Then I see them. I see the brilliant colours of the women’s clothing and the small outlines of the babies bundled on their backs… »

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