« Aligning climate change and health policies »

7 décembre 2009

The Lancet, « Aligning climate change and health policies », par Andy Haines, Paul Wilkinson, Cathryn Tonne et Ian Roberts (25.11.09)

« Many policies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions can also have a range of ancillary effects, including effects on health. Examples include reduced air-pollution, improved energy security, or increased rural employment. Better quantification of the health effects of greenhouse-gas mitigation (reduction) policies will contribute to evidence-based policy making by indicating the magnitude of potential near-term health benefits (and in some cases harms) associated with a given strategy and, we hope, will provide additional motivation for action. A Series starting in The Lancet today provides indicative estimates of the magnitude of effects (largely positive) on health in four sectors with large global emissions of greenhouse gases: electricity generation, household energy, urban land transport, and food and agriculture… »

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